Sponsored Residential Homes

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What is Sponsored Residential Services?

Sponsored Residential Services are services provided in a person's private home to individuals who are intellectually disabled.  The individual actually resides with the person or family. Those who provided this service are called sponsors and oversight is provided by an agency that holds a Sponsored Residential license issued by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

One of the main goals of the program is to introduce individuals who are cognitively and maybe physically or behaviorally challenged into a home/family environment that promotes normalization. Unlike group homes or institutional settings, the individual would become a part of  your family.

The sponsor does have to meet certain licensing requirements and is closely monitored by Residential Service staff through regular home visits.  In addition to the licensing requirements, the sponsor is also required to complete an array of trainings, criminal background and central registry checks; and maintain a service record with accurate up to date documentation for each individual they serve.

If you (and your family) have a desire to care for someone that requires 24 hour supervision, training and supports, please call us for a personal interview or complete the Sponsored Home Information Sheet and fax it to 804-5621.